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The 33rd Annual Seminar of the International Society for Teacher Education

27 – 31 May 2013

Teacher Education: Meeting the Needs of the New Generation

The International Society for Teacher Education (ISfTE) is an independent organization of teacher educators free of external political or economic controls. It is dedicated to the improvement of teacher education in all settings by fostering discussion, critical analysis and dissemination of ideas from research and innovative practice in teacher education. Since 1981 the Society has met in different countries for an Annual Seminar lasting about five days at which participants (from over 30 countries and regions) present papers for discussion in small groups. The Seminars are based on a special format which encourages constructive dialog on contemporary issues in teacher education and is accompanied by experiences which help participants to understand the educational environment of the host country. Partners and accompanying persons are especially invited to attend and a separate, parallel cultural and social program is provided for accompanying persons.

The arrangement of an ISfTE Seminar is quite different to that of a traditional ‘conference’ where a paper is timetabled and individuals decide whether to attend a particular timetabled session or not. ISfTE Seminar participants are placed in a Paper Group which is very stable with the same members attending and participating in discussion for all scheduled sessions. Each participant is expected to bring 20 copies of their written paper to the Seminar for distribution and private reading prior to group discussion of the paper. Papers should be less than 3,000 words in length (longer papers should be provided in summary form only to meet the word limit). Electronic (PowerPoint) presentations are discouraged because paper group members will have already read the paper and be familiar with the content — the focus is on discussion of the ideas in the paper and not presentation of content. The paper may be a report on research findings related to teacher education, an outline of work in progress, a statement of an idea or a paper ready to present for refereeing prior to publication. Each paper is allocated approximately one hour for discussion and constructive dialogue and feedback. We hope this paper group format of the seminar can actively promote international collegial dialogue and cross-cultural research.

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